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Major Israeli Newspaper Runs Missionary Ad by David Lev

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For the first time, a major Israeli newspaper has accepted an ad from an open missionary group.

The economic daily Calcalist on Wednesday featured a large ad placed by Jews for Jesus offering readers an app that leads them to the organization’s website, where there is a “hard sell” in Hebrew on why Jews should believe in Jesus.

The ad is printed on a background of the flag of Israel, clearly associating the ad, and the organization, with Israel’s Memorial Day for fallen IDF soldiers, being commemorated on Wednesday.

While the ad does not appear to directly proselytize Calcalist readers, it does feature a mnemonic based on the Hebrew word for Jesus, “Yesh > Yeshu > Yeshua,” modeled after the popular mnemonic used by followers of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, “Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me’Uman.”

The word “Yeshua” in Hebrew means “salvation,” and is used by Christian missionaries to justify their position that Jesus was the promised Jewish Messiah. Jews, of course, reject this position, using as proof the fact that the prophecies in the Hebrew Bible associated with the Messiah, such as the arrival of an era of world peace, have not been fulfilled.

Early Christians changed the commandments, a further halakhic proof of a falseprophet.

Direct proselytization with the promise of a material benefit is against the law in Israel. However, there is no law against urging people to adopt a new belief or religion based on spiritual or philosophical principles.

The ad includes a QR code that readers can scan with their smartphones that installs an app produced by the group. The app directs users to the group’s web site, where “issues of the day,” including politics and Jewish history, are discussed from a Christologic viewpoint. Among the claims made on the web site is that the Jews are to blame for the persecution they have experience over the generations, and especially for the Holocaust, because of their rejection of Jesus.

Anti-missionary groups slammed Calcalist for running the ad, with one activist saying they planned to sue Calcalist for printing an ad that was clearly misleading. “The ad implies that it is in memory of fallen IDF soldiers, but its real purpose is something else entirely. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

Calcalist is a part of the Yediot Achronot publishing group, which is headed by Arnon Mozes



The Jews as Christ-Killers, Again?

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Excerpts from an article published on Monday, April 23, 2012 8:10 AM here

The Society of St. Pius X propagates the worst kind of anti-Semitism and Rome is on the verge of returning them to the Catholic fold. Their US website defends the Inquisition. Israel must react.

1250 French Bible illustration depicts Jews (i...

1250 French Bible illustration depicts Jews (identifiable by Judenhut) being massacred by crusaders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Vatican and the traditionalist Catholics of the Society of St. Pius X are near an “imminent agreement” that could bring the group back into the Roman Catholic Church’s fold and end a quarter-century of schism. The society, which is based in Menzingen, Switzerland, has 6 seminaries, 3 universities and 70 schools around the world.

  • Their  US branch website demonizes “the international Jewry”, “the world wide Jewish empire”, “the Jews as the biggest capitalists”, the Jews as “the founders of Communism”, the Jews as “the enemy of man”. There is also “A defence of Inquisition”.
  • The South African website claims that “Jews are fulfilling their substitute-Messianic drive towards world dominion”.
  • The Irish branch calls the Jews “guilty of Deicide” and posits that they “must be baptized”.
  • The German site is also very clear: “The Jews of now are for sure guilty of the murder of God, as long as they don’t recognize Christ as God and are baptized to atone for the sins of their forefathers”.
  • The Belgian’s Society website defines the Jewish Messiah as “the anti-Christ of the Apocalypse”.
  • The Italian Society’s bulletin, La Tradizione Cattolica, calls Judaism “a false cult” and spreads hallucinatory material on “the Jew Karl Marx” and “the Jews sleeping in the shadow of death”.

If the Vatican, which is responsible for the faith of one billion people around the world, welcomes back the Society, it means that the Pope simply has made a strategic decision: enticing Catholic anti-Semites back to the fold is more important than the Church’s relationship with the Jewish people…That is why if the agreement between the Vatican and the Society is signed, the rabbis should suspend talks with the Church, Jewish organizations should protest in front of the Society’s seminaries in the US and Europe, Israel’s ambassador to the Vatican should be recalled to Jerusalem and Israeli officials should declare the Society’s bishops “persona non grata” in the Jewish State.

The stereotyopes of the Jews with demonic noses, bestial beards and funny-looking funnel hats should have been buried in Auschwitz. Anti-Jewish theology, which rings a genocidal note, must not come to life again.

Pat Robertson: Without Jesus, Jews Lack Understanding of the Cosmos

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Pat Robertson believes that there is a G-d and a Devil and that they are at war. This concept within Christian cosmology was borrowed from pagan ideas of good vs. evil and Judaism rejects it just as it does any notion that claims there is a power outside of G-d Himself.

In a pathetic attempt at solidarity with the Jews, Robertson declared this past Thursday that Satan is the cause of anti-semitism but “the poor Jews don’t understand that, it’s too cosmic for most of them to grasp, especially because they don’t believe Jesus is the Messiah.” See it for yourself:


TAPPS Leader Says He Doesn’t Have Time For “politically correct gobbledygook.”

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Published 4/1/2012 from Vos Iz Neias

Beren Academy Basketball Team

Beren Academy Basketball Team

Salado, TX – The director of a Texas private school association that came under fire for refusing to reschedule a game that conflicted with the Sabbath says an Orthodox Jewish school should have never been a member in the first place. Edd Burleson says his Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools should have never let the Beren Academy join them last year. TAPPS ultimately rescheduled the Beren playoff basketball game in March under the pressure of a lawsuit and public backlash.

Burleson told The Dallas Morning News (http://dallasne.ws/H6UmA4 ) that he doesn’t have the time for “politically correct gobbledygook.” He says TAPPS would have ultimately prevailed if there had been more time to fight in court.

TAPPS represents more than 200 private schools with almost 40,000 students statewide.

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Don't Count Him In A Minyan!

Passion Play to be Performed at the Footsteps of the Temple Mount

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Posted by Jewish Israel on February 29, 2012 at 10:10am

Jewish Israel has just learned that a Passion Play produced by JBS Theatricals, a production company under the auspices of Stivale Ministries, is scheduled to be performed at the Kotel’sDavidson Center in the spring of 2012. Titled “The Kingdom”, and billed as “the Passion in the Heart of Jerusalem”, this production puts the nature and dignity of Jewish Jerusalem to shame.

Read about this shameful event here.

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