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Obama Bypasses Congress, Frees Aid to PA

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By Elad Benari, Canada
First Publish: 4/28/2012, 12:30 AM

President Barack Obama has bypassed a Congress block and signed a waiver declaring that aid to the Palestinian Authority is “important to the security interests of the United States,” AFP reported on Friday.

In a memo sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, published by the White House, Obama said it was appropriate to release funds to the PA.




Pat Robertson: Without Jesus, Jews Lack Understanding of the Cosmos

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Pat Robertson believes that there is a G-d and a Devil and that they are at war. This concept within Christian cosmology was borrowed from pagan ideas of good vs. evil and Judaism rejects it just as it does any notion that claims there is a power outside of G-d Himself.

In a pathetic attempt at solidarity with the Jews, Robertson declared this past Thursday that Satan is the cause of anti-semitism but “the poor Jews don’t understand that, it’s too cosmic for most of them to grasp, especially because they don’t believe Jesus is the Messiah.” See it for yourself:


‘Flytilla’ Activists Planning to Defy Israeli Ban

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By Gabe Kahn

First Published: 4/11/2012, 10:25 PM on http://www.IsraelNationalNews.com

Border Police Prepare for Flytilla

Hundreds of French anti-Israel activists are planning to stage a “flytilla” at Ben Gurion airport this weekend said they still plan to travel despite Israeli officials saying they will be denied entry.

“We are obliged to transit through Tel Aviv (Ben Gurion) to get to the West Bank. This is not a choice,” organizer Olivia Zemor said on Wednesday.

Zemor also said that buses have been already been reserved to ferry the activists to Bethlehem where they plan to participate in anti-Israel demonstrations.

Minister or Public Security Yitzhak Aharonovitch said Tuesday the “provocateurs will be dealt with in a determined and quick way.”


Obama Blaming Israel for Rising Fuel Prices

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The Obama administration is blaming Israel for the recent rise in global crude oil prices, says its “posturing” on Iran brought the rise. By Elad Benari

First Published: 4/3/2012, 3:16 AM on Arutz Sheva

The Obama administration is blaming Israel for the recent rise in global crude oil prices, according to a Sunday report in The World Tribune. The rise in fuel prices is deemed as harming the U.S. economy and has also hurt Obama in the polls as he seeks re-election in November.

The report cited a leading U.S. analyst, Robert Satloff, who returned from talks with Israeli officials.

Satloff, executive director of theWashington Institute for Near East Policy, said, according to The World Tribune, that the Israeli leadership sawWashington as attributing the higher gas prices to “Israel’s posturing” on Iran.

“They think the Iranians should be held responsible for the higher gasoline prices,” Satloff was quoted as having said.

He added that the officials told him the Obama administration was staging a campaign to undermine Israel.


Netanyahu and Obama, 04.03.12

Netanyahu and Obama, 04.03.12

Israelis Receive Travel Warning Ahead of Spring Holidays

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First Published: 3/22/2012, 3:45 AM

The National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Bureau issued a travel warning to Israelis for the upcoming spring holidays of Passover, Independence Day and Lag B’Omer.

In a statement it released on Wednesday, the Counter-Terrorism Bureau said that the holidays, especially Passover, “are liable to provide incentive for terrorists around the world to attack Israeli and Jewish targets abroad.”


Gaza Rockets FAQ

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Gaza Rockets FAQ
What you need to know about the attacks on Israel’s southern region.
by Leadership Action Network

March 13, 2012

As a fragile cease-fire goes into effect, it is important to note the background facts:

(1) Over 210 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel over the past three days, targeting as many as one million civilians (15% of the Israeli population). Rockets reached past Ashdod to Gedera, about 20 miles south of Tel Aviv. Today alone, 47 rockets exploded in Israeli territory and 13 were intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system which protects populated areas in the target zone.

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Israel: Jihad Islami will pay dear if Fajr missiles fired. US, Egypt seek ceasefire

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Israelis run for cover from rocket attack

Israelis run for cover from rocket attack

Israel has passed a stern warning to the Palestinian Jihad Islami shooting missiles from Gaza for the third day to expect punishment on a different scale from the current surgical air strikes if they fire Fajr surface missiles against the Tel Aviv area, DEBKAfile reports. The warning was relayed Sunday, March 11, through Egyptian Intelligence Chief Gen. Murad Muwafi. He and Washington hope to curb the Gaza violence before Jihad is given escalation orders by its masters in Tehran and Damascus.

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Mailmen Refuse to Deliver ‘New Testament’

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First Published: 3/5/2012, 2:11 PM
Missionary James Joseph, aka 'the Jesus guy'

Missionary James Joseph, a.k.a 'the Jesus guy'

Dozens of mail deliverers who were supposed to deliver copies of the Christian “New Testament” Bible to homes in Ramat Gan refused to do so, arguing that the deliveries constituted “missionary material.”

The mail deliverers said that distributing missionary material is forbidden by Jewish law (Halakha) and may also be against state law. They therefore asked that a legal inquiry be held before taking a decision on whether to hand out the Bibles.

The postal workers contacted MK Zevulun Orlev (Jewish Home) and asked him to assist them vis-à-vis the Postal Authority, which they say demands that they “do their job” and distribute the material that was sent.

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Their Own Worst Enemy

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‘Surprisingly, it is the Jews of Sefardic origin who are the most vulnerable to the missionaries. “The Sefardim are innocent,” says Rabbi Artovski. “They never had contact with the Christian world in their countries of origin – they don’t understand the mentality. And they are warm and hospitable. Someone knocks at the door and they say, ‘Come in, drink something … ’ They get taken in.”

Yad L’Achim’s top anti-missionary official reveals that an ‘army of informers’ keeps him posted on upcoming events. To missionaries operating in Israel, Rabbi Alex Artovski is public enemy No. 1 – and the feeling is mutual. 
As head of Yad L’Achim’s anti-missionary department, Rabbi Artovksi monitors the activities of the more than 100 Messianic congregations in Israel. But it isn’t enough to know what they’re doing today – which neighborhoods they are canvassing or which workplaces they have infiltrated. He makes it his business to know what they are planning for tomorrow.
“You’ve got to know what the enemy has in store for you,” Rabbi Artovski tells an interviewer in his office at Yad L’Achim’s headquarters in Bnei Brak. “When and where they plan to distribute missionary material, when and where they plan to hold baptism ceremonies, when and where they intend to hold seminars for the unsuspecting public.”

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Pentagon prepares “aerial refueling” for Israeli planes striking Iran

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DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 1, 2012, 5:29 PM

In a dramatic U-turn to show Israel that Washington is serious about its military option against Iran’s

Advertisement from the 1970s by American nucle...

nuclear program, Pentagon officials disclosed Thursday, March 1, that “military options being prepared start with providing refueling for Israeli planes and include attacking the pillars of the clerical regime. They include the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and its elite Qods Force, regular Iranian military bases and the Ministry of Intelligence and Security.” The officials spoke on condition of anonymity in Washington’s first public reference to possible joint military action with Israel against Iran.

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